Thursday, July 06, 2006

Media, Religion & Culture Conference start today

Greeting from Stigtuna Sweden. The Fifth International Conference on Media, Religion, and Culture starts today. I am looking forward to learnign new things and meeting new colleagues from aroudn the world. I have already had several great chats with people from Finland, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada and Britian and am looking forward to more. I will keep you posted with conference highlights.


lynette said...

Hi, thanks a lot for your blog. I came across it just now when looking for info about impact of religion on online media consumption. It was a topic that I was asked about last week and realised I knew very little about! I'd love to follow along your blog so that I learn. To make it easier, would you possibly be able to add an RSS feed so I could add you to my Bloglines reading? eg: is free and works with Blogger (I think blogger has one too but you have to be a pro user to get it). Thanks a lot, and hope you're enjoying the conference, look forward to hearing about it.

lynette said...

Hi, I'm sorry, ignore me. I manged to find your feed link via google

Patricia said...

Hi this Patricia from UC Davis, one of your future grad students this fall. I am so excited to hear that you are at the conference! I do hope you give us, the not as fortunate readers, plenty of details!