Monday, January 29, 2007

The Face of Godcasting...?

Today I am doing a little research on “Godcasting” (aka sermons or religious oriented podcasts). It made headlines in the summer of 2005 in news sources such as the Guardian Online, New York Times and the International Herald Tribune—who had the great headline “Religion on Demand”. In early 2006 there was some conversation in religious publication (see Leadership Journal) about concerns and potential implication of the phenomenon, and in my online searching I did come across several portal sites such as and the GodCast Network. I know it is also becoming a common trend in many churches to offer weekly downloads of their sermons online, including two in my local are which I have attended: St Francis Episcopal and LifeChurch.

But from what I can tell things have been a bit quiet the past 6 months about what is developing around Godcasting. Is anyone out there doing research on this or know of any new developments?

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Paul said...

Hey Heidi,

Lots of stuff down under with respect to Godcasting. Mostly coming from the Anglican Diocese of Sydney.