Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What do religious organizations have to say about the internet?

One of my project this week is trying to track down official statements or documents issued by Christian Denominations or Church organizations on internet use and/or ethics.

After much googling and searching the bibliographies of my research library, I still have only been able to track down three: the PONTIFICAL COUNCIL FOR SOCIAL COMMUNICATIONS documents"Church and the Internet" and "Ethics in Internet" and the Church of England’s "Cybernauts Awake" report.

So the question is, are there any other such documents or statements like these floating around out there? If you have a recommendation, please let me know!

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Stephen G said...

There might possibly be some links in the footnotes of this paper:

Mary Griffiths and Ann Hardy, "New Zealand Christian Churches Online: Websites, and Models of Authority and Participation", Colloquium 37/2 (Nov 2005), 143-156.


I've also seen guidelines for and comments on the Internet in health and safety documents produced by denominations. For example, the Anglican church in NZ: