Tuesday, March 13, 2007

UK Here I come...

Heidi has left the building...or the country as it were. I am off to the UK for a couple of weeks so will likely not be posting for a while due to sporadic email access while I am traveling. There are 2 aspects of my trip that directly relate to this blog.

First, I will venturing to the very north of the British Isles to the wind swept Orkney Islands to spend time with Andrew Jones, an avid blogger and expert on the emerging Church movement.

Second, I will be attending a conference in Oxford entitled Religion, Media and Culture: Exploring Religion and the Sacred in a Media Age which is co-sponsored by the the British Sociological Association Sociology of Religion study group and the UK Research Network for Theology, Religion and Popular Culture. I will be co-presenting a paper with my friend and colleague Pete Ward from King's College-London on an ethnographic research project looking at the role music plays in Evangelical worship/prayer meetings. This paper is part of a larger project which Gordon Lynch is also a part of, studying the construction of Evangelical identity and discourse by Scottish youth within public prayer meetings.

Will let you know how things went when I return...

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