Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Selling Church Online

I am multi-tasking during a conference I am attending on the Internet in China. Right now a Chinese scholar based in Arizona is presenting on chinese cybernationalism and activitism, and I am learning about chinese hackers, honkers and the sino-china online war of 1999-2001. While trying to find a web site the speaker was talking about I came across a web site that linked me to several interesting sites on church marketing.

You can experience technological conversion online at Fellowship one, a web site that offers church managment software to help you retain and cultivate contact with casual church visitors.

Other interesting Church marketing tools include: Parishsoft, church software and Church Community Software.

For those who feel that most Church Marketing Sucks, we have a blog for you. It offers insights in how to communicate the christian faith cleverly and with clarity, with the aim to frustrate, educate, and motivate those that need it. The blog is linked to the Center for Church Marketing.

There is also Eministry notes which includes as series of posts that feature tools and concepts for churches seeking to raise their profile and minstry online.

It seems "selling faith" is becoming even more of an industry, faciliated through the proliferation of online resources. Business models motivating and driving religious organizations have become increasingly accepted. since the launch of the Willow Creek phenomeon--a church started by Bill Hybles based on a marketing survey. Yet I wonder how the medium and these strategies might reshape the perception and reception of spiritual content.

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Bill Kinnon said...

Check out the series I wrote on Marketing the Church @ my blog - kinnon.tv . I'd post the link more effectively if I wasn't using a public computer whilst shooting a series of missional videos in England. (The series can be found in the right sidebar.)