Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One more thing from NZ...the Church in Second Life

Today is my last day in NZ. It has been a great visit personally & research wise. I also learned this past week that the NZ Anglican Church has just set up an Anglican Cathedral of Second Life. I ran out of time to meet up with the virtual vicar/coordinator Mark Brown to learn more about the thinking and planning behind this but we have already arranged to meet up for an interview in Second Life in the near future. I knew someone would eventually do this, who knew it would be the kiwis!

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Steve K. said...

Hey Heidi,

The evangelicals are doing church in Second Life, as well. Life Church has what they call an "Internet Campus" in Second Life:

Stephen Shields talks about this effort (and other similar projects) in his paper on social networking sites for Leadership Network:

Steve K.