Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lent Online

Today is Ash Wednesday so one of my commitments during this lenten season is to see what online resources are available online and highlight some of the most interesting ones. I just got done listening to an online teaching on the purpose of lent found at Praying Lent, run by Creighton University. The site offers weekly audio teachings weekly, as well as a Full Audio Lenten Retreat. Or for those who are busy they offer the text of a short prayer for those on a tight schedule. This is just one of a number of sites I have come across in a search this morning and I am looking forward to exploring other options offered online during the next 40 days.

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Colleen Fahey said...

I also enjoy the "Praying Lent" retreat. I work for Loyola Press and we published "Praying Lent." This season we are also offering a Women's Online Retreat ( We also have a facebook page ( You may be interested in one of these resources. Thanks for exploring religion and new media. We are working to explore the social media oppurtunities for our ministry as well. I hope you are having a nice Ash Wednesday.