Monday, January 18, 2010

Vatican critiques enchanting technology of Avatar

The blockbuster hit Avatar came under criticism of the Vatican over the weekend, which was slated for release in Italy this week. The consensus over the controversy seems to be that the the Church feels that the “stupefying, enchanting technology” does not make up for it's problematic messages related to nature worship, as the NYT's highlighted in its article. AP reports suggested a concerns that the audience might be seduced by the latest computer graphics and fail to decipher what it seems as a problematic spiritual message. Many reports noted the fact the Vatican described Avatar as "bland" while other bloggers and critics have highlighted racist and anti-military undertones. For those who have watched the film I would say I would agree. The movie was a 3 hour epics that was visually tantalization, and beautiful at points, especially in 3D, that left me with a digital induced headache and an empty feeling due to the thin plot. What do other thinks? Do the graphics make up for the controversy?


John L said...

Spot on. Visually stunning. Thin and predictable story-line (yawn.) We saw it in IMAX 3D and the visuals were worth the ticket price. Wish the story could have been more nuanced.

Maringouin said...

You might be interested in this review (from an anthropological viewpoint):