Thursday, April 15, 2010

Postdoc in Religion and Media

There is an opening for an interesting post-doc position within digital humanities in 2010 hosted by the University of Umeå in Sweden under the theme is “Religion and media”. The Postdoc also has the opportunity to be associated with Jørgen Straarup and Stefan GelfgrensprojectPinocchio goes to church: the Religious Life of Avatars”.

The Position runs for one year at approximately SEK 200 000 (tax free) and requires residency in Umeå, Sweden. HUMlab is an internationally recognized center for the humanities and information technology. Much of the work takes place in a 5,300 square feet studio space at the center of the university and in different kinds of digital and hybrid environments. HUMlab is based on a double affiliation model where much of the work is done in close collaboration with the humanities (or other) departments. HUMlab offers an open, friendly, creative and intellectually rich milieu for doing work in the humanities and information technology. Full details can be found at:

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