Monday, July 11, 2011

CFP for Australian Journal of Communication Special Issue on Media & Religion

Call for papers

Australian Journal of Communication
Issue 39(1) 2012

Media and religion: The changing landscape

From a situation just a decade ago where it was considered religion had all but disappeared, religion is back as a significant social, political and economic force. This resurgence is more than just traditional institutions flexing their muscles or rejuvenating their media practices - it reflects a significant reworking of religion within the media marketplace. New religious entrepreneurs are using new media effectively to build global audiences with packages of branded religious and secular content that ignore old religious loyalties and sensibilities and cross previously defined boundaries of sacred and secular. Online networking is making possible de-institutionalised and eclectic experimentations with religious and spiritual themes that are producing new hybridisations of religious ideas and practices. Commercial media organisations are also realising the potential market for spiritual and metaphysical themes, and are producing commercial programs and products in competition with religious bodies to capitalise on this significant market. In the process, old frames of institution-based authority and management are giving way to market-defined religion based on charisma, the attraction and maintenance of audiences, the management of brand, and offering competitive material of consumer value - ideology, images, solutions and products. This special issue will examine this convergent media-religious-cultural landscape and contributions are sought that explore aspects or present research that maps the terrain.

Final date for submission of full papers 31 OCTOBER 2011

Send abstracts, any enquiries and completed submissions to the Special Issue Editor:
Professor Peter Horsfield
School of Media and Communication
RMIT University
GPO Box 2476V
Melbourne Vic 3001 Australia

Sunday, July 10, 2011

CFP for Conference Workshop--RELIGION IN CYBERSPACE 2011


Call for Papers

You are cordially invited to participate in the workshop 'Religion in Cyberspace 2011' which will take place at the 9th international conference Cyberspace 2011 held in Brno, Czech Republic, 25-26 November 2011.

Illustrative topics
- religious normative frameworks in cyberspace, networking diasporas,
- religious collaborative environments, on-line counseling, on-line
- fatwas and cyber muftis, new religious movements, religious discourses
- in cyberspace, methodology of online-religion research, rituals in cyberspace etc.

Note: Authors of accepted papers will be invited to submit their papers for peer review to Masaryk University Journal of Law and Technology (MUJLT).

Important dates
Abstract submission deadline: 31 July 2011
Notice on acceptance deadline: 31 August 2011
Full papers deadline: 31 December 2011

Abstract formal requirements
Range: max. 1.500 characters incl. spaces
Submission: on-line at

Vit Sisler,Workshop Chair
Charles University in Prague
Faculty of Arts & Philosophy