Monday, April 16, 2007

Coming soon...Internet Evangelism Day!

Q: Do you know what April 29th is?
A: It's Internet Evangelism Day!

"E-vangelism" has been a growing trend in religious online culture sine the late 199os. Generally speaking, the aim of "e-vangelism" is the presentation of a purposeful religious presence online, whether it be organizations creating web sites to inform people about their faith and religious community, or individuals visiting chat rooms or joining an e-mail list with intention of trying to make converts.

In my current research in this are I came across the Internet Evangelism Coalition (ICE) and one of their projects is to sponsor “Internet Evangelism Day” to “communicate the outreach potential of the Web to the worldwide church". Each year they encouraging bible schools, churches and Christian organization to take time to focus on trainings about the nature and potential of the Web or discussions about web evangelism. I find this a fascinating example of para-church collaboration for the purpose of embracing technology for religious witness!

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