Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hail Mary...full of digital grace.

During a recent lenten retreat I learned how to make a set of prayer beads. As I was admiring my creation tonight I wondered whether or not the rosary had yet gone digital. Thanks to google I learned that my suspicions were indeed correct and several versions of the rosary can be found online.

For instance at the Philip Neri Newman Center web with the click of the mouse you are able move your way around the visual image of the rosary and corresponding prayers. If you want a flash version complete with Monks singing in Latin try the online rosary at The Fatima Network online.

For the spirtually mobile you might want to consider spending $29.95 to on the vista rosary, a hand held electronic hand held device that allows you to say the rosary without the hassle of carrying around a string of beads. Or check out this digital rosary liscenced by WIPO. And there are even tongue-n-cheek versions, like the one found at Instant Absolution online.

It seems these days almost every traditional religious artifact can be found re-imagined online in some form or fashion...

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