Monday, October 22, 2007


AOIR 8.0 is over, but much fun and learning occurred! On Friday afternoon I enjoyed getting to hear Henry Jenkins give a review of his work on Media Convergence and speculating on how online fandom is both informing web 2.0 corporate development as well as introducing some interesting forms of participatory knowledge making. Saturday I attended a great panel on the state of research into social networks (ala facebook, myspace, etc) and got to hear from key researchers such as Nancy Baym and danah boyd on the studies being done about users, coporations and media culturing for social purposes. There was even a fellow from Facebook there giving us his 2cents which was a greater insider perspective. It was also confirmed that not much research has been done on religion and social networking software, though I think I have prompted a friend and fellow colleague on the AOIR ethics committee Mark Johns to expand his own work on Facebook to look into religious construction of identity there. Also attended an interesting panel in the final afternoon on Blog research methodology and ethics. The Indiana University group still appear to be leaders in this are with Lois Ann Scheidt at the helm of doing interesting work on youth and blogs. All being well I plan to make it to AOIR 9.0 to be held in Copenhagen, especially since I have been elected to the executive committee of the Association!

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Mark Brown said...

Greetings Heidi,

I am the Kiwi leading the Anglican Group in SL. Just checking out your blog and very impressed! It is exciting to see the research that is starting to build around what could be a significant expression of religion in the coming years. I am very interested to receive any reports, papers you have written. I can be contacted at: I can report the Anglican Communion are looking at the possibilities of ministry in a virtual setting very seriously.

For a short slide show of last sunday's service Check out:

In Christ,