Friday, February 22, 2008

Church Website Design Project

Hello, my name is Lauren Gross and I am currently working as Dr. Campbell's research assistant. I will be posting helpful sites/information from time to time on Dr. Campbell's blog, so I hope the following is of use to you!

The Church Website Design Project is a company with a target market of Christian groups. The role of an employee is to consult with a church representative, learn an individual church's needs, and produce effective web communication. The creators developed this service because "As Christians we are taught to believe in the importance of spreading the Word and the ministry of our Church. This is why we have established, with clergy and church members from across the UK providing a wealth of support, the Church Website Design Project. All of us who work on this Project have a variety of backgrounds in the world of work, and worldly experience, but we all share a common goal: celebrating and communicating the faith, ministry and Word of God." Please click here if you would like to visit the website.

To better understand the project, here are the vision and values listed on the website:

- Promoting the internet as a means to extend fellowship and ministry.
- Encourage clergy and church leaders to identify the potential in developing an online church community.
- Provide support and advice on ways that the internet can enhance the work of your church community.
- Identify opportunities for not only sharing your church with the global community, but also to develop a new way to communicate with the local community.
- Sustain and develop the fellowship that exists within your churches, parishes and church groups.
- Support clergy and church members to improve existing websites, offering advice and consultation.
- Share the love and word of God and the teachings of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


SOON said...

Will be interested to hear developments with this. If our church site design self-assessment tool is helpful in this context, we'd be glad to know it is being used.



dangibbins said...

I'm the Senior Project Leader of The Church Website Design Project and am thrilled to see that your website is supporting the development of 'new media' to evangelise and communicate.

I think Tony's church site self-assessment tool is great and very easy to use. I tend to rely on a business model, when being asked to review an existing website (we offer this service for free) which is via a SWOT Anylsis. This stands for: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. We look at a whole host of issues, not just the code or layout, but also research the local community which you serve and take into account how easily your site is to find from search engines etc.

If anyone would like us to provide a free SWOT Analysis, do get in touch. We're here to help.

Daniel - The Church Website Design Project.